The Garden

Since its public opening in 1933, the Exotic Garden of Monaco has stayed totally unique. It gathers, outdoor, in a prestigious setting, a big variety of plants called “succulent”.

Built on the cliff-side, the Exotic Garden offers a breathtaking view on the Principality of Monaco and invites you to discover succulent plants with extravagant shapes of which cactus constitutes the most known family.

This Garden’s acclimated plants come from various far and dry locations (that is why we use the term “exotic”): South-West of the USA, Mexico, Central and South America for the cactus and agaves; South, Oriental Africa and Arabian Peninsula for the other succulents.

Plants often produce flowers for reproduction. These flowering periods stag over the year depending on the original location of each specie: winter for the Aloes and the African Crassulas, spring and summer for most of the Cactus.  Contrary to a widespread idea, only a little part of the cactus thrive at night. Many cactus produce big colored diurnal flowers.