Les Amis du Jardin Exotique

The Association reunites fans of cactus and other plants, travel, meetings and lectures. Its aim is to share, with renowned specialists of all countries, our passion and experience under the form of a brand new journal: “Cactus & Succulents”.
This journal deals with themes related to the discovering of our plants in their natural environment, but also the aspects of their culture, the outreach of the botanic knowledge, the collections management or the conservatory actions.
The journal, which is richly illustrated and carried by a quality presentation, is published twice a year.
A newsletter “AJEMinfos”, principally published by e-mail, transmits the information about the Association, the news and echoes of the succulent plants world.
Being part of the Exotic Garden of Monaco’s Friends is, of course, having the right to access freely the Exotic Garden and its specialized library, enjoy its events, conferences and technique activities completed by, in Regions, animals proposed by local correspondents.

For further information:
Tel: +377 93 15 29 80

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